LENGTH: 31 km


Recommended direction: Krašić – Kučer – Jezerin – Lović Prekriški – Dvorište Vivodinsko – Vivodina – Obrež Vivodinski – Gorniki Vivodinski – Hrženik – Krašić

The long-distance Ozalj-Žumberak routes continue with another circular route connecting the two counties. Parallel with Route 11, this trail features increased height differences and physically more demanding climbs, as it comprises a very hilly terrain. This 31 km long route starts in Krašić, the administrative center of the eponymous municipality, in the north-west part of the Zagreb county. At the foothills of Žumberačka gora, and away from the major traffic routes, Krašić was first mentioned and recorded in 1249, while the census of 1334 lists the Parish of Holy Trinity – ‘Sanctae Trinitatis de Kraysichi’“. The landscapes are very varied here: there are partly hilly terrains, while the broadest plain is situated along the little Kupčina river, rich in even smaller tributaries, most notably the Slapnica, with a number of beautiful waterfalls and a well-know canyon. The municipality also comprises a part of the Kupa plain in its southern part, near Mirkopolje, where you’ll have the opportunity to play golf at the well-known Dolina kardinala course. The beginning of the route takes you up a mild uphill stretch to Kučer and further on to Jezerin, with the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac Chapel, dedicated to the martyr who found his refuge here, after being released from prison in 1951. After that, you’ll encounter the most demanding ascent of the route, leading to Dvorište Vivodinsko, offering views of a small church at Lović Prekriški, recommended by all the local hikers. If you think there’s not much to this 475 m peak, especially in view of the fact that there are higher peaks nearby, you could be very pleasantly surprised by the views of the surrounding Samoborsko gorje, Žumberak and Klek. There you’ll see the truthfulness of Mr. Trstenjak’s words: ‘Those who haven’t visited Lović Prekriški have not seen enough of their Croatian homeland.


If you want, you can turn off the trail and take the marked paved roads to the top and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view. Also, this marked road takes you near the Rogovec cave, and the St. Spirit chapel, shortening the route by half. With a few more ascents in the main trail, through Petruš Vrh, you’ll enjoy the relaxing descent towards Vivodina, on a hilly ridge. This is one of the many scattered villages in the Ozalj area, and certainly one of the oldest among them. Both on the left and on the right sides you’ll see beautiful dense woods, deep valleys, scattered villages and fertile vineyards. Towering above the village is the belfry of the 270 years old parish church of St. Lawrence, one of the most important works of Baroque architecture in the entire Ozalj area. The route will then take you along the Slovenian border to Obrež Vivodinski, next to the Kupa river, which you’ll follow along a hilly forest trail to Gorniki Vivodinski and the St. Spirit church at 300 m above the sea. Most of the route is now behind you and the rest is going to take you along the winding roads near the very border of the two counties, through Hrženik back to Krašić, all the while passing by a number of old churches.

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