LENGTH: 9,1 km




Recommended direction:  Slunj, Cvitović, Gornja Glina, Slunj

This route starts from Rastoke, between the two old bridges, and takes you through the most picturesque part, the pearl of Slunj, towards the exit in the direction of Karlovac. The beginning of the route is already attractive, since it takes you near the most famous Rastoke waterfalls, Buk, Hrvoje and Vilina kosa, formed during thousands of years at the confluence of the Slunjčica and Korana rivers. The Napoleon’s bridge over the Korana is also attractive, while there’s undeniable beauty to the Tonković bridge, too. It was designed by Kruno Tonković and built in 1959, leaning on the rocks above Rastoke. Also, as well as the Rastoke panorama, it is Slunj’s most recognizable visual symbol. Exiting Rastoke, you’ll cross the D1 state road and the paved road and sidewalk will take you to Gornje Taborište, the area’s rapidly developing industrial zone. After some 800 m, at the grocery store, the 3M bistro, and the Rock Café, you’ll cross the county road Slunj-Cetingrad and continue along its ascending left branch, along the winding roads towards the spacious village of Cvitović. Exiting Cvitović, on top of the hill on the right-hand side, you’ll see the St. Nicholas church, with its Latin cross floor plan, still well preserved and nicely decorated, both on the inside and on the outside.

After that, you’ll pass the intersections with the roads to Skukani and Donja Glina and also cross the bridge over the Glina, a small river mostly in Croatia, but also partly on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, flowing into the Kupa some 20 km form the town of Glina. Soon after that, you’ll turn to the gravel road through Glinsko Vrelo, towards Gornja Glina, and from there, along a paved road, you’ll return to the county road Slunj-Cetingrad, turn to the right, through Kremen, Mali Vuković and Taborište, where you can, among other things, buy some refreshments at the nearby stores, and continue towards Slunj, to the D1 state road. There, you’ll turn left and return to the starting point at Rastoke.

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