LENGTH: 9,1 km




Recommended direction: Slunj, Lumbardenik, Broćanac

This route was conceived as a connection between Slunj, or Rastoke, and the village of Broćanac, and it is an exception, as it is not a circular one: you take the same course back to the starting point. It is a somewhat shorter trail that almost entirely follows the winding Slunjčica river. Like all the other routes, this one also starts from Rastoke, between the two old bridges over the Slunjčica and Korana, crosses the D1 state road and leads you to Lađevac. But, after only a few hundred meters, after the Napoleonic arsenal to the left and the old Frankopan fort to the right, it turns right, to Lumbardenik Selo. The paved road continues near the village of Donji Popovac, and then crosses the gravel road that leads, above the Slunjčica river, to the crossing with the paved road connecting Broćanac and Videkić Selo, formed after splitting from the nearby Donji Lađevac. The forest trail leads to Broćanac, a village offering a number of possibilities for high-quality and active vacationing and entertainment. The route ends there, with a great view of the 537 m high Broćanska kosa, one of the many hills around the village. If you want to enjoy the pristine nature, the silence ‘spoiled’ only by the birds’ song, this is the right place for you. Those who love nature and cycling, and those who love new and different forms of adrenaline rush, will enjoy the Rastoke Equestrian Centre and the war veterans’ association Aktivni odmor BTZ.

In addition to riding, the recreational centre offers a number of quads for forest drives, as well as archery ranges and paintball facilities. There’s also a hiking trail, called Melnica, near the village, that will take you to the very source of the Slunjčica river. So, get your cameras ready, turn on your positive outlook and start this leisurely walk along the river. Although the route was conceived as a circular one, the cyclist can go on, following the cycling trail along the river itself, taking you some 50 km further on.

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