LENGTH: 7,4 km




Recommended direction: Slunj, šuma Jelvik, Donji Popovac, Lumbardenik, Slunj

The circular Route 27 is the shortest of all in this area, but the 7.5 km trail offers a number of interesting points and possibilities for some special enjoyment in the natural surroundings. The cycling tour begins in Rastoke, where the Slunjčica river flows into the Korana river. The nature was very playful here, with the blue-green waters of the Slunjčica, dividing it into a number of bubbly and sputtering cascades and waterfalls, Buk, Hrvoje and Vilina kosa being the most beautiful among them. Ascending a steeper terrain, the trail goes along an old fort and continues to the main road, where you’ll see the Napoleonic arsenal, a storehouse from the beginning of the 19th century. The route leads a few meters from the building, built by the French Marshal Marmont, a military leader who always had 600 books with him, even during the military campaigns. He left an important legacy in Slunj, not only because of the arsenal and the bridge over the Korana, but also because he encouraged the development of the Rastoke area, inducing the millers to live in and around the watermills, and not only to come there to grind their wheat. Thanks to its historical, ethnographic and architectural heritage, Rastoke is a must for any cycling tourist. The trail ascends and after a few hundred meters enters an irresistibly deep forest Jelvik, above the Korana river. This is the place where you rest, have a picnic and enjoy the deep shade of the pine forest.

It would take only a few minutes from there to a river beach below, where you can swim. A trail also leads to a hunting lodge where young scouts are sometimes being trained. After an active rest at the Korana bank, following the forest trail, you’ll come to the point where the trail joins the county road Slunj-Lađevac. It turns to the left there, continues along the paved road for a kilometer or so, and then turns right to Donji Popovac (the so-called Srednje Selo). From there, you’ll turn to the gravel road connecting Donji Popovac and Lumbardenik. Reaching the paved road again, the route continues through Lumbardenik, along a number of beautiful fields, vineyards and orchards. Along the Slunjčica river, you’ll then return to Slunj, i.e. to the starting point in Rastoke, where, before the very end of the trail, you’ll pass the old Frankopan fort.

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