LENGTH: 7,94 km


Recommended direction: Rakovica, Oštarski Stanovi, Rakovičko Selište, Rakovica

This simple and less demanding route starts and ends in the center of the Rakovica municipality, forming an 8 km long circular cycling trail. From Rakovica, the trail takes you along the sidewalk of the D1 state road. After only a few hundred meters, to your right you’ll see a monument dedicated to the victims of Croatia’s War of Independence (1991-1995), during which the enemy caused huge material damage and during which many lives were lost, so this monument was raised immediately after the war, and is dedicated to the Croatian soldiers and the victims of war. After 2 km of leisurely cycling, you’ll turn to a side road leading you to the village of Oštarski Stanovi. There you’ll see a number of places to stay, apartments for rent, as well as holiday houses with beautiful gardens. Exiting Oštarski Stanovi, you’ll go back to the same state road you left a little while ago. Not far from the intersection, you’ll find a tourist office and the Marko restaurant, which is well-known for its pleasant atmosphere and top-quality dishes. We recommend a short stop there, but not for too long, since you still have half the route in front of you. After leaving the D1 once again, you can truly start enjoying the ride taking you to Rakovičko Selište, historically belonging to the former Slunj municipality. A dirt road, a paved stretch and a gravel road will take you, for the next 3 km, through that quiet village. This part of the route is surrounded by lots of greenery, a forest on the right, and a number of meadows on the left side, as well as the fields full of various colors and songbirds, tempting even those who listen to music while cycling to pull out their earbuds.

All that is a sign that in addition to tourism, the locals here are also active in agriculture. Exiting Rakovičko Selište, you’ll go back to the state road, ending this circular route on the same stretch of the road where it started, only in the opposite direction. After arriving to the Rakovica center, we suggest you relax and get something to eat at a nearby fast-food place or a café. This basic route with small height differences will bring you fun, but will not make you too tired, even if your physical shape is not something to brag about.

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