LENGTH: 12 km


Recommended direction: Rakovica, Grabovac Drežnički, Stara Kršlja, Rakovica

This circular route overlaps with Route 31, but takes you in the opposite direction. It mostly takes you along various side roads and trails through quiet villages, with very short stretches along the state road. From Rakovica’s center, you’ll take the sidewalk along the D1 state road, near the memorial dedicated to the soldiers and other victims of the 1990s War of Independence. A few hundred meters after the memorial, you’ll turn from the state road and continue along a paved side road through the beautiful Rakovičko Selište to Grabovac Drežnički, in the forest. Continuing through this wooded, sparsely populated area, you’ll reach the road for Stara Kršlja. Turning there, you’ll continue for another 2 km through the woods, along a gravel road, next to sparsely scattered small houses, all the while listening to the unavoidable birds. Arriving at that village, you’ll be greeted by beautiful vistas, consisting of meadows, fields and broad pastures. The village of Stara Kršlja was formed after it split from the village of Mašvina, and is a part of the Plitvice Lakes national park. It is situated only a few kilometers from the Korana river and the Bosnia and Herzegovina border. Not far from it, there’s a sign pointing to the direction of the Nova Kršlja village and an interesting natural phenomenon, the Barać caves, definitely worth visiting. It is an idyllic location with a small amusement park, a parking space for bicycles, and a recreational and picnic area, guaranteeing a safe and pleasant rest of the journey.

After the outskirts of Stara Kršlja, the route will take you, along a winding paved road, back to the Rakovica center. There you can stop for a while at the Forest Resort, after some 2 km. The resort offers some beautiful places to stay and views of the immense stretches of pristine nature, full of woods, creeks, wildlife, meadows and fields, as well as the developed areas with some hard to resist attractions. After the end of the route in the center of Rakovica, we recommend you to relax and get something to eat at a nearby fast-food place or a café. This 12 km route is somewhat longer and more demanding, but the height differences here are smaller. Along with a level of fitness, we recommend cycling in groups. As the route comprises a longer stretch of unpaved forest road, a solid mountain bike is also preferable.

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