LENGTH: 15,6 km


Recommended direction: Rakovica, Jelov Klanac, Biljevina (Saborsko)

After the relatively simpler Routes 31 and 32, you are now facing one of the more difficult ones, a 15 km long connecting route with a height difference of around 410 m, as well as a number of ascents up to 500 m long. This route will mostly take you along the natural, unpolluted and cleared forest trails. It starts in the center of Rakovica, where you can load up on everything you need for the tour in one of the nearby stores. The paved road, starting near the Eugen Kvaternik primary school, named after the leader of the Rakovica Uprising, will take you to Jelov Klanac. Those of you who enjoy riding and relaxing after everyday pressures, can visit the equestrian club at the Jelov Klanac ranch, managed by the Iris Croatica and Equs Croaticus. The horses drink from the spring, enjoying the freedom in the picturesque scenery, enjoying both the owners’ and the visitors’ love. The more experienced nature lovers will enjoy the trips, trekking-tours and organized rides several days long, with a guide, along the edges of the Plitvička jezera national park. The trail continues over a gravel road, through a dense pine forest, whose beauty and fragrances will stir new passion in you. The cycling adventure then continues along the winding forest trails, arriving to Biljevina, in the neighboring municipality of Saborsko. It is a mostly hilly area nestled in the curved and elongated narrow valley, partly also on the territory of the national park.


The Saborsko area is rich in creeks, lakes and dense pristine forests, as well as numerous kinds of wild animals. In order to keep the nature intact, a number of areas of this municipality are protected, so that the unpolluted soils, clean waters, fresh air and, especially, the pervasive and intense peace and quiet, can be preserved. Saborsko is the end of the route, but there’s always a possibility of continuing the forest adventure along the D42 state road, towards Ogulin, or back to Selište Drežničko, in the Rakovica municipality. Since most of the route comprises the forest trails, group cycling is recommended, as well as refraining from unplanned turning away from the marked cycling trail.

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