LENGTH: 27,9 km


Recommended direction:  Selište Drežničko, Čatrnja, Drežnik Grad, Lipovača, Grabovac, Irinovac

The R35 trail is 27.9 km long, with a height difference of only 102 m. It is still a relatively demanding cycling trail, requiring an advanced fitness level and a consistent tempo. As a starting point, Selište Drežničko is recommended. From there, along the D1 state road, its sidewalk and the paved stretches, as well as the shorter gravel ones, you’ll get to the village of Čatrnja, named after the traditional rainwater containers behind the houses. From there, you’ll turn right, taking a dirt road to Drežnik Grad, with its stone walls, one circular and two square towers from the Turkish invasions era. A sidewalk will then take you to the sparsely populated village of Lipovača. After that, you’ll arrive at the protected natural site of the Barać caves. The whole protected area consists of a number of speleological sites. According to a local oral tradition, the caves were named after one Barać, who managed to heroically vanquish a raging Turkish giant at that very place, thus earning the distinction. After a short visit to the caves, you’ll return to the paved road to Grabovac, where among other services and the lodging opportunities, you’ll be able to use the bike & bed service, too.

If you want to learn more about the area’s cycling trails, the stores and the repair shops, you’ve come to the right place. Also, try to visit the eco-food market in Grabovac, with various local produce, of indigenous, organic, home-made quality, from the nearby family farms. We firmly believe you’ll find something interesting, new and tasty among the offer of various kinds of cheese, herbs, brandies, wines, souvenirs and organically grown fruit and vegetables. The route then takes you along a dirt road to Irinovac, with a farm and the well-known Terra Ranch. A unique experience awaits you there, with many horses, an opportunity to get to know them and of riding through beautiful scenery, both if you are an experienced rider or new to this sport. In addition to that, the area offers great accommodation opportunities at the Terra Hotel. Turning to the right from Irinovac, a dirt road will take you to Čatrnja, but this time you’ll take a side road, pass along a camping site with bungalows high above the Korana river. Here, the guests can enjoy walking along a trail above the river canyon. This cycling route ends on the state road again, and the return to the starting point of this eventful and somewhat exhausting trip.

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