LENGTH: 2,4 km


Recommended direction: Drežničko Selište, Korana

This 2.5 km route connects the villages of Selište Drežničko and Korana, taking you mostly along the paved sidewalk. Though short, this route offers beautiful scenery, as well as the attractive parks along the Korana banks. The best starting point is the area around the D1 state road in the village of Čatrnja. After a few hundred meters, at the first turn to the right, you’ll enter a village with lots of lodging opportunities and houses, as well as fragrant meadows and fields. The forest path will take you on, along winding roads, to the village of Selište Drežničko, with the Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in its very heart. Not far from there, you can visit a smaller free-climbing site of Gajina pećina. For all adrenaline-rush lovers, we recommend a short detour and climbing the cliff next to the beautiful Korana river. In addition to climbing, you can also opt for a refreshing swim in the river, as well as canoeing, kayaking or rafting. After Selište Drežničko, you’ll briefly return to the state road, so be careful. Soon after that, you’ll come to the Plitvice adrenaline park, before the D42 state road junction. Before turning from the main road, at the very Korana river canyon, there’s a park offering a 300 m zip-line, with a starting point at a cliff, going between the treetops and over the fields, with a very attractive panoramic view over the river canyon.

The adrenaline rush is guaranteed and you may even find that your fear of heights now belongs to the past. The final stretch of the cycling trail takes you along the D42 in the direction of the Korana village, named after the nearby river. The gravel road has a somewhat steeper climb after you turn from the state road, with a pleasant descent to the village itself. In the river canyon, at Korana village, there are a watermill and a sawmill owned by the Špoljarić family. During the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, there were five watermills on the Korana, used for wheat grinding. Today, you can visit only one of them, fully preserved and renovated and still functional. The Špoljarić mill also has the only remaining water-powered sawmill in the Plitvice Lakes area, as well as in the whole Lika-Senj county, possibly even in the wider area. The hospitable family will also show the typical process in the sawmill to previously announced groups. The relatively short connecting route ends at this village and the trail here merges with the Plitvice Lakes PJ 59 trail, so one can always continue cycling along the national park trails in the neighboring county.

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