The junction route which heads from the crossroads on the route 40 in Draganić Forest, is ideal for a recreational holiday in nature. With an easy ride on a good quality macadam road, you can enjoy in 8.1km track which ends in Rečica on the route 46. 

Draganić Forest is among the most important bird habitats in Croatia, among which can be found a white-tailed eagle, a ferruginous duck, a black stork, a buzzard, a tawny owl, an owl hawk and a flycatcher. There is a spacious forest of a common oak which mainly grows on wet ground with a high level of groundwater. 

A common oak is a real giant and sometimes it grows up to 50m in height, and up to 2.5m in diameter. 

In Rečica, which is mentioned in documents as early as in the 15th century, you can visit the interpretation and tourist center Korablja located at Luka Pokupska 9. At the ITC in Korablja, you can learn of interesting stories about grain boats and people who used to pull boats upstream (Croatian burlak), about the life in the Pokupsko houses and the construction methods. 

The center also offers the exhibition of original artifacts related to the Kupa and Rečica area, as well as interesting souvenirs and handicrafts (fossil oak, items with the motif of „Roses of Rečica, art photography and paintings). The visit also includes a tour of Ethno Gallery Žunac, the 18th century Parish Church of St. Joh the Baptist, the St. Florian’s chapel, the manor of the Count of Drašković, the Pokupje houses “Haluga” and “Bakin dom” (eng. Grandma’s home) and the Penić family wooden mill.

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