Route 48 and 50 ( Lasinja – bath resort – Desno Sredičko – Lasinja ), total distance 14 km

Routes 48 and 50, 14 kilometres in length, start at Lasinja, at the central town square. As Lasinja lies on the right bank of the Kupa, the nearby places were named Desni Štefanki and Desno Sredičko. These places are perfect for orientation and interesting for visiting.

The routes are not demanding and provide abundance of experiences as they go through beautiful meadows and landscapes, which take you to the peaceful banks of the Kupa river where there are several bath resorts. The Kupa is an unforeseen river with several faces. Sometimes calm and fast, sometimes deep, and sometimes very shallow. Particularly charming is having a swim in the clean Kupa river with the magnificent nature and surrounding representing a true pleasure for fishermen and all nature lovers. In this part, the Kupa is extremely rich in fish and there are some capital specimens of various fish species in this area.

Once you have reached the banks of the Kupa river, park your bike and see this part once again from another perspective. You will enjoy a day full of pure natural beauty and do not miss the opportunity to take an excellent photo with this river pearl. One of the curiosities is that for a few years now, there has been the River Cinema with Karlovačko (beer) at the bath resort Pod pećinom (eng. Under the cave) where, a lot of visitors enjoy in the movies in this pleasant atmosphere at the Kupa river and the starry sky. 

After you have started on the route 48, you ride down Sveti Florijan street. From Sveti Florijan street, turn right to the junction of the routes 49 and 51 and enjoy in the easy ride and continue following the signs of the bike routes in Karlovac County. 

With the route 50 head from Trg Hrvatskih branitelja towards Desno Sredičko. Ride down Lasinja road, where there is a less traffice intensity towards this small inhabited place, where there is also a holiday home estate. After exiting Lasinja, there is an easy descent and a beautiful view of the breathtaking forest crossed by local forest road which would make this route very pleasant. The track on these routes is asphalt 13.5km in length whereas the macadam is 2,5 km in length.

By returning to Lasinja, you can slowly say goodbye to this peaceful and idyllic area by the Kupa river to your next opportunity for travelling in this area.

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