LENGTH: 5 km


SURFACE: 100% paved

TYPE: circular route

Recommended direction: Novigrad na Dobri, Maradini, Vinski Vrh, Netretić

This cycling trail connects the Route 3 with Routes 11 and 5, extending from Netretić, through Vinski Vrh, to Novigrad na Dobri. From Novigrad, you go east along the old Lujzijana road, and the trail soon leaves it in the direction of the Dobra river valley. While descending towards the river, you’ll get to see some nice views of the green hills, the curves and ravines of the historic Lujzijana, as well as the long bridge, a part of the modern Zagreb-Rijeka (Split) highway, which we eventually ‘cross’, going beneath it. In the end we come to the infinitely better-looking arched stone bridge across the Dobra, built in the first half of the eighteenth century, during the construction of the Karolina road, of which it is an integral part. The slope on the opposite side boasts the medieval castle Novigrad na Dobri. And that’s it. Congratulations, you have cycled along all the cycling routes of the Karlovac-Duga Resa area!

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