LENGTH: 25 km


SURFACE: 78% paved, 22% gravel road

TYPE: circular route

Recommended direction: Duga Resa, Petrakovo Brdo, Kipljanci, Stari grad Novigrad, Frketić Selo, Dubravci, Dubrovčani, Dvorjanci, Galović Selo, Belavići, Mrežnički Varoš, Duga Resa

This circular cycling route extends between the Mrežnica and Dobra rivers, partly through the river valleys, and mostly through the wooded foothills and extensive meadows. By picking the town of Duga Resa as a starting point, where you can stock up on everything you need, you can start from the town river beach on the left bank. There is also a workout area there, so you can warm up and stretch before setting off. By crossing the bridge, we are going to follow the right bank, through Mrežnički Varoš and Mrežnički Brig.

Soon, we cross the Mrežnica again, at the ‘Slapić’ camping site. This place just makes you want to stop and enjoy the luxury of the river’s rich cascades, the tufa barriers and the river islands, to take a rest and feed both your body and your soul. Crossing again to the left bank, we go a little further up the river, to Galović Selo, along the railway line Karlovac-Rijeka (Split). The route then takes us north and onto the historic Jozefina road, extending all the way to Senj.

After Venac Mrežnički, you’re in for kilometers of relaxing cycling along almost empty side roads to Dvorjanci, Kozalj Vrh, Dubravčani, Frketić Selo, Rešetarevo and the old castle of Novigrad na Dobri. At Frketić Selo, the trail descends to the Dobra river valley, offering views of fertile fields and the calm river with its impressive arched stone bridge (ten arches), built in the first half of the eighteenth century.

The medieval Novigrad was an old aristocratic castle, and its most important owners, from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, were the Frankopan family. Although the castle is currently being renovated, you can visit it and climb the circular tower offering great vistas, especially to the west, where you are sure to spot the so-called ‘Sleeping Giant’, the Klek Mountain. From Novigrad we cycle on, first east along the ancient Karolina road, and then, just before the St. Fabian and Sebastian chapel in Zagradci, we start to descend through the vineyard area of the Petrakovo Brdo slopes. Should some of the winemakers approach you offering a glass of chilled spritzer, do not decline it. After crossing the main Karlovac-Rijeka road, there’s only the short final stretch of the trail to Duga Resa left in front of you.

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