LENGTH: 26,9 km


Recommended direction: Drežnik Grad, Sadilovac, Lipovača, Nova Kršlja, Grabovac, Irinovac

After the first two, relatively easier cycling tours through Oštarski Stanovi and to Stara Kršlja, after visiting Rakovica, Saborsko and their surroundings, and the two routes leading to the Korana river and the Barać caves, it is now time for the long route to Irinovac. This trail is 27 km long and is a logical conclusion to all the leisurely stretches in the Plitvice valley, north of the Plitvice Lakes. As a starting point of this circular route, we recommend the center of Grabovac, from where you’ll turn to Nova Kršlja, and, by all means, visit the Barać caves, a speleological site at the very edge of the village. The birds’ singing and the gurgling of the Kršlja creek are undoubtedly going to contribute to the impression of a quiet and modest place. There are many interesting formations in the limestone there, a variety of stalagmites and stalactites, while a number of archaeological artifacts have also been found there: a stone axe and a bracelet from the 7th century B.C. Returning along the same road, you’ll turn towards Lipovača, where you can see one of the many monuments dedicated to the war victims. A dirt road will then take you further on, through colorful and wide meadows and fields. After that, you’ll arrive to the uninhabited, devastated village of Sadilovac, where a Karlovac dairy factory used to have a huge farm. There, you can visit the Shrine of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in 1826, and renovated many times. The cycling tour continues through Drežnik Grad, with a few family homes at the center, as well as the Church of St. Anthony of Padua from 1883, with its nearby rectory.

Even the Emperor, Franz Joseph I of Austria, contributed 7000 gulden to that cause. You should definitely visit the old fort from Turkish times, the remains of which are still visible. After a short visit, a sidewalk and a dirt road from the village of Čatrnja will take you to the final stretch of this route, starting in Irinovac, where tourists will find hotel accommodation, as well as various activities at the Terra Hotel and Ranch. After that, the state road will take you back to the center of Grabovac. At the very end of the tour, you can visit the organic produce market, take a walk in the nature and relax doing various activities, such as free-climbing, kayaking, riding, competing at paintball and so on. For those who do feel a bit tired, there are always some nice places, at the hotels and the resorts, to relax and taste some of the traditional food.

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