Perhaps the most recognisable symbol of the town of Ogulin is the Frankopan Castle. The town was built in 1500 on a cliff above the place where the River Dobra sinks into the earth.

During the Turkish conquests and the frequent attacks on his estate at Modruš, Bernardin Frankopan chose the site of today’s Ogulin as a geostrategic position. And he made a good decision because Ogulin became an important geostrategic place that became the “key to Carniola” in the defence against the Turks.

We call the abyss Đula’s because there is a legend that long, long ago a young noblewoman named Đula threw herself into the abyss because of unrequited love. Apart from that, the abyss is very impressive and it can be seen well from several locations. In Đula’s garden, there is a path through a park, with gazebos and the canopies of various trees throughout the year. Walking for a few minutes, we reach the place where there are a small labyrinth and the amphitheatre for storytelling, as well as the end of the park named after Đula.

Since 1967, the Castle has housed the Heritage Museum with several collections: archaeological, ethnographic, a collection of old weapons, the memorial room of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić and a collection about mountaineering.

In the courtyard of the Castle is the visitor centre of Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales, which celebrates fairy tales and fairy tale writers from around the world.

The Sabljaci Route

Recommended direction: start in Kučinić Selo, which is a few kilometres away from the town of Ogulin. At the crossroads, we head towards the village of Dujmić, towards Desmerice, through Lug, Ribarići, Sveta Nedjelja and Sabljaci back to Kučinić Selo. Sabljaci Lake...

Dobra Route

Recommended direction: Ogulin centre – Puškarići – Hreljin Ogulinski – Vitunj – Puškarići – Klanci – Vučić Selo – Bolnička cesta – Ogulin centre The Dobra local cycling route is marked with signposts and boards. The entire route is an asphalt road, just a small part...

We find ourselves at the very point of origin of the town, and whichever way we go we will see the natural beauty, customs, forms, rivers and mountains located in the vast valley, so now is the time to enjoy cycling – the natural choice.

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