LENGTH: 39,6 km


Recommended direction: Korita, Jelov Klanac, Brajdić Selo, Grabovac, Lipovača, Drežnik Grad, Čatrnja, Selište Drežničko, Korita

After the somewhat simpler Routes 31 and 32, this is a more demanding Plitvice valleys route of 40 km. The trail takes you through the villages around Rakovica, all the way to Brajdić Selo, with a height difference of 231 m. The gravel road will take you from the sparsely populated Korita, in the woods, to the tourist attractions of Jelov Klanac, where you can enjoy the pristine nature. At its center, you’ll turn right, to Brajdić Selo, liberated and rebuilt in 1995, after being razed in the War of Independence. After a short visit, you’ll turn to the D1 state road, where some caution is in orderdue to a higher traffic volume. The sidewalk will take you further on, to Grabovac. There, at the eco-food market, you can taste the local produce from the family farms. After a short stay, you’ll continue down a side road towards the outskirts of Stara and Nova Kršlja, or, more precisely, to the natural phenomenon of the Barać caves. After a leisurely drive along the road surrounded by colorful fields, you’ll reach the protected area boasting a number of speleological sites, with uncommon flora and fauna. A park, a parking space for bicycles and a picnic area call for some rest before returning to this important natural area. Returning to the trail, you’ll continue towards the idyllic village of Lipovača, underneath the eponymous hill. The route takes you along an educational gravel road to Drežnik Grad, the most interesting part of which, the Drežnik Fort, is situated at its very edge.

It is a fort rich in history, on the cliff above the Korana canyon. We recommend a short visit, and snapping some photos, of course. The route will then take you to the village of Čatrnja, named after the traditional rainwater containers behind the houses. From the Čatrnja center, the state road will takes you to Selište Drežničko, where you’ll have the opportunity to find refreshments at a number of restaurants. The forest trail will then take you to the final point of this interesting route, at Korita, the starting point for this route. This is a very difficult trail, meant for the groups of well equipped and demanding cyclists.

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