Route 47 and route 49 junction, total distance 5.7 km

This junction route is an ideal opportunity do ride through a peaceful picturesque Pokuplje road through forests and fields in a beautiful landscape perfect for easy and recreational pedaling.

start at the junction of route 47 on a less frequent road and the first settlement you will go through is Banski Kovačevac which is located in the Municipality of Lasinja. In Pokuplje of Karlovac, there used to be many wooden churches. One of them used to be the wooden chapel of St. Peter in Banski Kovačevac built in the first half of the 18th century. It was completely restored on the eve of the Homeland war, but it was burnt to the ground in 1991.

While pedaling through Banski Kovačevac pay attention to the beautiful view of the Kupa valley. In the ancient times, the Illyrian tribe Kolapiana lived along the Kupa, and later the Romans ruled this area. Following the arrival of Croats in the early Middle Ages, Pokuplje along Sisak Count spread to the territory of Gorička and Gorska County in the 13th century. 

The Pokupska valley is the area characterized by clean air, a good quality land, the bottom of the Pannonian sea and people who farm the land and live for it. Use this opportunity and sample homemade produce as in the village and its surroundings thera are many small farms with orchards, vegetables and domestic animals that are the source of organic food.

The route continues after Banski Kovačevas by entering Prkos Lasinjski and there is a slight ascent.  After the ascent, continue on a straight wavy road through the village. In the village itself, there is a monument with the the ossuary of World War II victims. After exiting Prkos Lasinjski, there is a straight section of the road through the forest and fields to Novo Selo Lasinjsko, where you will join Route 49 at the sight for Crna Draga which is on the right side of the road. 

Due to the favorable and moderate climate, you can cycle throughout the year, and due to the difference in the color of leaves and branches, this section, looks different depending on the season. For this reason, you will have a feeling that you discover new a new path every time you go down this route. The track on this junction route is asphalted in its full length.  

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