Length of the route - 16.8 km


Type of trail – circular

Recommended direction: Ogulin centre – Puškarići – Hreljin Ogulinski – Vitunj – Puškarići – Klanci – Vučić Selo – Bolnička cesta – Ogulin centre

The Dobra local cycling route is marked with signposts and boards. The entire route is an asphalt road, just a small part is macadam alongside Lake Bukovnik. From the centre of the town, the route goes westwards and climbs and descends for two kilometres passing by the village of Puškarići and continues straight towards Hreljin Ogulinski. Just at the part when you see the River Dobra as it babbles fast and clear, the road separates on the left side towards Jasenak/Bjelsko/Bjelolasica, and straight along the Dobra towards Hreljin Ogulinski. On the way, you can see beautifully landscaped gardens, orchards, family houses, weekend cottages – and as the houses and villages go out of sight, it seems as though a view of Klek opens up like a projection on a large screen.

It is nice to stop here and admire Mollinary’s bridge over the Dobra. Mollinary’s bridge over the Dobra in Ogulin is the beginning of the Rudolfina – the road that connects Ogulin to Novi Vinodolski. It was named after the son of Franz Joseph I, Crown Prince Rudolf. The bridge was built in 1874 and named after the administrator of the Military Border, Anton Mollinary.

From the bridge, you can see the lovely mill in Puškarići on the Dobra, which is still working and can be visited by appointment. We are on the cycling route, as well as on the fairy tale route, and on the fairy tale route at the mill, we have Neva Nevičica.

The road leads us to Hreljin, then towards Vitunj. In Vitunj, the River Vitunjčica, through the picturesque areas below Klek, meadows and forests, quickly flows into the Upper Dobra, which then flows into Lake Bukovnik.

On the way towards Klanci, there is a bridge that connects the banks of the Dobra, and when you cross it, you ride below the rich Kapela forest on one side, and Lake Bukovnik on the Dobra on the other

The people of Ogulin usually go to Bukovnik and Pećnik in the summer. In 1879, D. Mucek, a merchant from Ogulin, built a small chapel dedicated to St John, below which a spring of clear and cold water emerges from the cliff, and immediately it sinks and flows underground about 16 metres, and after that, it flows as the Bukovnik stream into the Dobra. Until Ogulin had a proper water supply, the girls from Ogulin came here to get water.

Wild ducks and swans are regular inhabitants of this part of the route.

On the winding flat road, with the Dobra on the left, and the villages, hills, people and houses on the right, you are soon in the town and via Bolnička ulica you complete the circle of this 16.8-kilometre bike ride.

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