Length of the route - 14.8 km


Podloga: asfalt

Type of trail – circular

Recommended direction: start in Kučinić Selo, which is a few kilometres away from the town of Ogulin. At the crossroads, we head towards the village of Dujmić, towards Desmerice, through Lug, Ribarići, Sveta Nedjelja and Sabljaci back to Kučinić Selo.

Sabljaci Lake was created in the 1950s, and before that the Zagorska Mrežnica riverbed flowed through its centre. For the ride through Dujmić towards Desmerice, the lake is on the left. The cormorants and wild ducks that spend winters on the lake are best seen on this stretch. We also ride by the dam, which is not noticeable because the size of the lake distracts the attention towards the part where it bends and goes into the bay. This lake is the eleventh largest in Croatia and has all freshwater fish species. There are no major climbs on this part of the route, but as soon as we pass Dujmić, a steeper climb towards Desmerice follows.

We ride on an asphalt road, whilst the forest cools us down, and after the climb, there is a drop through Lug, then through Ribarići and Sveta Nedjelja to the end of the route.

There are wonderful views here, there are nearly always swans, and various activities are on offer on the banks. In Ribarići there is also a Bike Park that offers a better insight into the local forest cycling routes.

Through Ribarići and Sveta Nedjelja, the view is captivated by the large fields around the lake, each of which is rich in minerals and moisture where the famous Ogulin cabbages grow. The soil is black, fine and full of minerals, and the cabbages grow very well in this microclimate. If we add to this the traditional way of pickling, we get Ogulin’s famous pickled cabbage.

Then we ride on a nice asphalt road, and at the crossroads behind the Sabljaci camp, which also offers bike rentals, we turn left towards the lake before the bridge. Riding through the holiday house settlement you can enjoy the panorama – the view of the path that you passed at the beginning of the route. The children’s playground, beach volleyball, mini bar and jetties are active and frequented places on the lake during the spring and summer months. The offer of restaurants and private accommodation is good, and the route is rich in natural beauties and breath-taking landscapes.

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