LENGTH: 49 km




Recommended direction: Slunj, Gornje Taborište, Tatar Varoš, Cetingrad, Podcetin, Kruškovača, Bogovolja, Lađevac, Popovac, Slunj

With the length of 49 km, Route 21 is the longest one in the Slunj area, connecting two municipalities and going through parts of the town of Slunj and the Cetingrad municipality. The starting point of this circular route is the beautiful historic milling settlement of Rastoke, the so-called “Little Plitvice Lakes”. The name of the settlement refers to the fact that the Slunjčica river branches there and also cascades over the travertine formations, thus making a variety of small ponds, streams and waterfalls and then, finally, flowing into the Korana. The best time for this ride is in spring, when there is an abundance of water, as well as of the lush greenery and colorful flowers. After Rastoke, we turn from the main road, and after a pleasant ride arrive to Gornje Taborište, a well-known industrial hub of this area. Near the grocery store, the 3M  bistro, and the Rock Café, where you can, of course, take a break  after a short section of the route, we turn to the county road towards Cetingrad. An easy ride through fragrant meadows and beautiful fields will take you through the sparsely populated settlements of Mali Vuković and Donji Kremen, where you can stop for a while and have a few words with the hospitable and cordial locals. Further on, the road takes you to Tatar Varoš and Ponor, famous for their large vineyards, and also to Kuka and Batnoga, where you can taste a number of different cheeses produced by the Radočaj family.

The road then leads to Cetingrad, named after the nearby ruins of the mediaeval Cetin fort. A historically important assembly of Croatian nobility was held in the castle in 1527, confirming the Habsburg Archduke Ferdinand I as the king of Croatia. Climbing the inhabited hill of Podcetina, in its vicinity, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the whole area. The route than leads you through the villages of Srednje Selo and Komesarac, as well as Kruškovača, on the ridge above the fields and the river Korana. After that, we come to the village of Bogovlja, offering nice vistas on the southern side, where you’ll be able to see the Mašvina and Lička Plješivica hills. This quiet place boasts the first new mosque in the Karlovac county. Not far from the Bosnia and Herzegovina border, after crossing the Korana bridge, we go further along the county road, through the villages of Furjan, Lađevac and Popovac, while going back to  Slunj and Rastoke.

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