LENGTH: 2 km


SURFACE: 100% gravel road


TYPE: circular route

Recommended direction: Gršćaki, Duga Resa

The cycling Route 6 is a short one, connecting the Routes 2 and 5, extending from the village of Gršćaki to the town of Duga Resa. Being so short, it is ideal if you are tired or not really in the mood for longer trails, or if there are black clouds gathering behind the hill and you think it could rain. From the crossroads not far from Gršćaki, this trail descends through the area of deciduous woods, entering the area of meadows and orchards immediately before Duga Resa and joining the Route 5. This spot offers an interesting panoramic view of Duga Resa and its surroundings, the Mrežnica valley and the Vinica hill, rising over the valley and the town. It is now time to get the camera out of your cycling knapsack and take a few memorable photos.

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